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Sun Tint now offers Carbon Fiber textured Vinyl Wrap that can be applied to any car or truck, and even to motorcycles. Common areas to use vinyl wrap is on hoods, trunks, roofs, mirrors, and door handles. Vinyl wrap can also be applied over glass, chrome, metal, and on any relatively non-porous surface. Sun Tint offers Carbon Fiber textured wrap that adds luxury, style, and a customized shield of protection to your ride.

What is Vinyl Wrap?
Vinyl wrap is a film that can be installed to the surface of your car or motorcycle. We apply a compound of multi-layered cast PVC that conforms to every nook and cranny. A paint job has the potential to ruin your car if done incorrectly. Vinyl wrap is not a paint job; it is a blanket of textured or colored film. The application is similar to shrink wrapping. Once attached, the film becomes part of the surface of the vehicle until removed.

What Surfaces Will Vinyl Wrap Work On?
Vinyl wrap is right for most any metal or plastic. This means it can fully cover the vehicle. Vinyl wrap is a film that adds durability and distinctive style to the body of the car. Cleanup is the same as any high quality gloss paint: wash the film with car wash soap and then wipe it dry with a micro-fiber towel.

Can Vinyl Wrap Peel Off Accidently?
The adhesive holding the vinyl wrap film in place is a unique formula that offers long-term adherence. However, climate and weather changes can affect all vehicle surfaces whether you're talking about paint condition or vinyl wrap condition. How long the vinyl wrap lasts depends on the environment and maintenance of the vehicle.

What is the Advantage of Vinyl Wrap?
Wrapping your car with vinyl wrap film adds visual distinction that you can't get from regular high gloss color paint. Vinyl wrap gives you an infinite amount of choices regarding how and where you want to apply it. With traditional paint, once the work is done you must completely redo it if you don't like the hue or if the paint job is botched. Unlike paint, vinyl wrap is reversible, giving you the option to change the look and style of your vinyl wrap when you want to.

Vinyl wrap can also act as protection for your car from the hazards of road debris and dirt. Vinyl wrap is available in a Carbon Fiber texture look or in custom colors. Vinyl wrap can spruce up a classic car and it can maintain the value of a luxury car. Vinyl wrap is not paint, it is peace of mind.

Check out 3M's Vinyl Wrap website HERE and click the Gallery link to see examples of how Vinyl Wrap can look!

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